Human Kitten - Faith the Vampire Slayer

I hate being unsuccessful
Academically, socially, and emotionally.
I am not fit for this world.
My body would have more use
Lit up lighting up an alley in the city
Than it would being alive.
So I’m asking why (x3)
Why I’m here at all?
When I’m broken
And it doesn’t look like I’m getting fixed any time soon.
So I look to God, if you’re up there,
Would you please give me a sign?
She said, “You slipped passed,
The world was too beautiful for you to pass.
You slipped by.
Oh Elijah, you wanted to be alive.”
But I don’t even believe in God.
No, I don’t even believe in God.
I don’t even believe in God.
But if I did…
No, I don’t even believe in God. (x3)
But if I did, I hope that’s what she’d tell me.


It’s depression not conviction that’s consumed us 
Punk’s not dead, it’s just lying in bed  



Beneath the farmers tan, there’s just a really tired kid. 

A Skeptic’s Love Song | Just Nick

Free music forever!

I want to see these guys again. 


You’ve got to love yourself the way you love your favorite song 
You’ve got to love yourself the way you love sleeping in til 2pm 
You’ve got to love yourself the way you love pita chips with hummus 
You’ve got to love yourself the way you’d love anyone else 


Human Kitten - Manic Pixie Dream Boy
/25 silver

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Here’s our new album, I can’t believe its done!
They will ship out it May!

1. Never Really Good At Sports
2. “Oasis” by Wonderwall
3. Not So Body Posi After All
4. Handshake (Never Trust Relationship Advice From The Lead Singer of a Pop-Punk Band)
5. National Public Radio
6. Cuddle Punx (The Theme From ECCO: The Dolphin)
7. The Devil and a California Burrito are Raging Inside Me
8. Oh, Right. Damn it
9. I Got The Blues Macaroni And Cheese
10. That One Limp Bizkit Song

FFO: Modern Baseball, Hugs from old friends, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Various types of fresh bread, The Front Bottoms, Butts, etc.

hey, this is free right now.

Human Kitten LP #3 Sneak Peek


Y Tywysog Bach
  1. Chicago
  2. I’m Trash
  3. Washington D.C.
  4. You’re Trash
  5. The Red Pill
  6. Twinkle?
  7. A Local Bill Nun
  8. I Miss You
  9. Shame
  10. Laptop Charger Life Support
  11. Claustrophobic Cyberspace
  12. Sex: Male/Gender: Whatever
  13. Wearing Cologne Alone

Just released Manic Pixie Dream Boy a few weeks ago and I already have this new album in the works. Whoops.

i got this question on and i’m posting this here just in case anyone else felt similarly to the person who asked the question.

edit: by “female bodied” i meant those assigned female at birth. sorry for any miscommunication.